Information Gathering (Reconnaissance)

Identifying Our Target:

Before we begin we have to establish a client to attack, so I picked up Tesla from bugcrowd programs.

please double check when you read this if tesla still exists…

Information Gathering

Please Use This Information For Ethical Purposes

In these five stages, we actually start with
1- Reconnaissance:
this stage is also known as Information gathering, there are two different types of Recon. Active and Passive
- Passive Recon. : when you going to google and search for something, say you are given a client and you are looking there…

The OSI Model

If you read what I wrote before you will see that I spooked a lot about layer three or layer two, but what is these layer, these all correspond with what is called OSI model, Now if you ever in network interview or you have talked with…


When we talking about TCP and UDP we actually talking about layer three of the OSI model which is the Transport layer.

What is TCP: Transmission Control Protocol is one of the main protocols of the Internet protocol suite. it is a connection-oriented protocol.

What is UDP

Media Access Control Addresses

Coming to layer two of the OSI model we have MAC Address which is in the physical layer, now remember IP Address in layer three (network layer). …

An Internet Protocol address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.

To bring up your IP address type $ifconfig in your terminal & in Windows >ipconfig

inet -> for IPv4
inet6 -> for IPv6

this is how to communicate devices communicating, we communicate over layer 3 (Network Layer [Routing])

IPv4 is in deceminal notation 8bit.8bit.8bit.8bit = 32byte
11111111 = 8bit


Abdullah Baghuth

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